Crypto Trader Loses $6,50,000 In 2 Seconds

A crypto trader has revealed that he lost a whopping $6,50,000 (Rs 4.97 crore) after scammers hacked his iCloud account

The trader Domenic Lacovone revealed the scam on Twitter

He said it all began with a phone call he thought was from Apple.

Lacovone suspected it might be fraud so he ignored it

But it turned out to be an Apple number so he decided to call it back.

They asked for a code that was sent to my phone and 2 seconds later my entire MetaMask was wiped,” he added

The trader had a load of valuable cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) saved in digital wallet app MetaMask.

He was not aware that MetaMask stores a 12-digit “seed phrase' file on iCloud automatically from his iPhone